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Erin Walsh and Byron Bunda are two digital nomads from the United States. After years of the “nine to five” life, they set out to use their professional skills on their own terms. Together they are Backpacker Business Solutions.

Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

As digital natives, Erin and Byron understand how crucial it is for a small businesses to create a strong online reputation. They work with small businesses, building beautiful websites, enhancing social media presence, and managing online reputations.

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Hostel Consulting

As globetrotters, Byron and Erin have a deep understanding of backpacker hostels as both employees and customers. As society becomes more comfortable with “the sharing economy,” the hostel industry will continue to grow stronger. Backpacker Business Solutions has worked with industry leading hostels around the world to help them grow, improve, and expand their operations.

Hostel Consulting


About Erin & Byron

Erin Walsh specializes in sales and marketing. She has years of experience managing a sales territory for a Fortune 250 B2B company. Over the years she has helped hundreds of small businesses grow revenue, sales, and market share.

Byron Bunda specializes in operations. He has worked with a number of B2C companies to help them improve the quality, speed, and efficiency with which they serve their customers.

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UNWTO Reveals 2017 International Tourism Trends

The UNWTO provided preliminary results showing the trends for world travel. Ehotelier.com published a summary of the results in their article,  2017 international tourism results: The highest in seven years. With Europe, Asia and the Pacifics, the Americas, Africa, and the Middle East experiencing increases in tourism, things are looks positive for 2019.

Hiring Trends of the Future

HNN published an article that summarizes some of the trends in hospitality recruitment. In their article, Aim higher when hiring: Tips for improving recruitment, they highlight these takeaways: Hotels can now use online platforms to hire short term contract worker in the case of a busy weekend Hiring is now done by communicating over Skype, … Continue reading Hiring Trends of the Future

Ethical Travel – Behavior Counts

When thinking about ethical tourism, we think about the environment and preserving local culture and buildings. However, there can be disruption to a local community that stems from the behavior of travelers. This study dives into some of the attitudes travelers from various parts of the world rank ethical decisions. Often, when people are on … Continue reading Ethical Travel – Behavior Counts

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