Why did we contact you?

Dear Small Business:

Thank you for visiting our website. If we contacted your business, it was for a good reason. We only reach out to businesses that we can help; otherwise, we don't waste our time, or yours. If Backpacker Business Solutions contacted you, here are some possible reasons why:

#1 Your website is non-existent

Australians spend 10 hours a day on devices that connect to the internet.¹

The average American spend 24 hours online per week.²

If your customers are online, your business needs to be there too.

If your business is not online, you must no longer be in business.

In fact, Google wants to be helpful, so they'll likely send your customer to your competitor instead!

If you think that 100% of your customers will call or visit if they need something, think again

Half of both Australians and Americans, when asked about their most recent purchase, did research online before buying.³

#2 Your website is not mobile friendly

mobile friendly

The mobile friendly difference

Older websites do not react to mobile devices, meaning that they will not display correctly when viewed from a smartphone or tablet. The majority of web traffic comes from mobile devices, meaning an outdated website won't work for the majority of your customers.

84% of internet usage in America is from a smartphone.²

35% of Australians often use their smartphone for research while they're in the store.⁴

#3 Your website is out of date or unprofessional

If your website hasn't been updated in a couple of years, it probably shows it. Like all other aspects of technology, web design is constantly evolving and consumers can tell when your website hasn't kept pace.

Did you use a DIY website tool? Does it show?

Worst of all, are you using a cheap or free plan that includes advertisements?  These look unprofessional, they're distracting, and their purpose is to send your customers to someone else's website!

40% of Australian consumers will walk away from a business that fails to offer them a high quality digital experience.⁴

ugly website

"Although your customers will not like your ugly website, your competitors will!"

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Now that you understand why we called...


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