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Dear Small Business:

Thank you for visiting our website. If we contacted your business, it was for a good reason. Erin and Byron are only reaching out to businesses that they can help; otherwise, they don’t want to waste their time, or yours. If Backpacker Business Solution contacted you, here are some possible reasons why:

Your website is non-existent

Americans spend more than five hours a day on anĀ  internet connected devices*. If your customers are online, your business needs to be there too. If your business is not online, you must no longer be in business. If you believe that customers will call or visit if they need something, that is no longer the case.

33% of Americans visit a business’s website when making a purchasing decision*

Your website is not mobile friendly

Worst of all, older websites do not react to mobile devices, meaning that they will not display correctly when viewed from a smartphone or tablet. The majority of American web traffic comes from mobile devices, meaning an outdated website won’t work for the majority of customers visiting it.

29% of American consumers use smartphones to research a purchase. 15% use tablets.*

Your website is out of date or unprofessional.

If your website hasn’t been updated in a couple of years, it probably shows it. Like all other aspects of technology, web design is constantly evolving and consumers can tell when your website hasn’t kept pace. DIY website tools often include advertisements at the bottom of your page, which distracts from the professional appearance of your website.

In a survey from Ersnt & Young 40% said they’d alk away from a business that fails to offer them a high quality digital experience.*

Why you should choose Backpacker Business Solutions

We hope that you can see the importance of having a beautiful, professional website to represent your business online. Let us explain why you should choose Byron & Erin to help.


Many traditional design agencies charge $5,000 to $10,000 to create a website for a business. We know this is not tenable for many small businesses. Our rate is $1,000 to build a website for your business.

Personal Attention

We will come to your business and work with you in-person to address your needs. We are the only service that will provide such individualized attention to your business at such an affordable price.

Short Turn-Around Time

We know that your time is valuable. We’ll give your business the time and attention necessary to finish the project in as little as one week.

Click here to take the first step towards a beautiful, professional website for your business.

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