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The ultimate guide to bed bugs for hostels

It’s amazing how much we can suffer from a tiny little bug that doesn’t do any real harm. Bed bugs are the scourge of the hotel and hostel industry, even though they don’t transmit diseases. Being infected with bed bugs is just so unsettling that the sting of your hostel being hit with bed bugs is way worse than their actual bite. How would you like to pay $200 an hour to have a bed bug detecting dog sniff around your hostel to ensure you've eradicated the pest? What about $3,000 for a heater that will kill raise the room temperature high enough to kill them? 

To add insult to injury, once the bugs are gone, the stigma remains. A study from the University of Kentucky found that bed bugs lower the value of a hotel room by $23 per room per night for leisure travelers and $38 for business travelers.¹ 

Bed bugs are a big issue and this ultimate guide to bed bugs for hostels will help you handle bed bugs if you already have them, or hopefully prevent problems before they. start

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