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A Hostel is a unique business

Shouldn't the way its website is designed be unique too?

let us know how we can help you

Our approach to web design is optimize​d for hostels

Backpacker Business Solutions' websites are...

Optimized to win you bookings

A hostel website is more than a pretty face. It's a tool for winning more guests and increasing your direct bookings. Our websites aren't just beautiful, they convert lookers into bookers

Easy for you to update yourself

Don't build a website that starts going stale the moment your designer is finished. Make it easy to keep it fresh. Our layouts are simple to modify. No technical expertise necessary.

Integrated into your strategy

Your website is only one element of your overall marketing strategy. We'll help you devise a plan for social media, blogging, advertising, and anything else that helps travelers find and book your hostel.

Let us take a look at your website

We stare at hostel websites all day! Let us take a look at yours. We'll give you some free advice. There's no obligation to work with us.

About Backpacker Business Solutions


designING purely with hostels in mind

If your sister is a designer or your friend knows a great website guy, that's great, but have they ever booked a hostel? Have they ever managed one? We know that hostels are a unique type of business with unique customers. Use a web designer that understands your business.




Hostels are homes for digital nomads. We too are digital nomads. You might hesitate to work with someone remotely. Our clients choose us because they recognize the value in using a remote agency that works exclusively with hostel clients, versus a local agency that works with everyone.

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SIMPLE pricing, guaranteed satisfaction

No hourly rates. Our complete design package starts at $1000. We work until you're happy with your hostel's website, regardless of how long it takes. Don't finish paying us until you're completely satisfied.


A customer's story

Hear what it's like to work with Backpacker Business Solutions

My name is Kathy from Travellers Oasis Backpackers in Cairns Australia. I received an email from Backpacker Business Solutions regarding our website. We receive several of these emails each week. We were already happy with our website and already had a local internet company, but they were personal and professional so I was interested to hear their pitch.

At the first conversation they had soooo many valid points. We thought about it and realised we needed to move forward. These guys knew their stuff. They worked night and day, touching base with us several times. To say we were delighted with the end result is an understatement. They truly are incredible . We just love what they did. Yes we are in Australia and they are in America, this is very easy with messengers, emails and calls. New kid on the block with the knowledge and the professionalism we would all love to have time to do ourselves. Highly recommend these guys.

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