Hostel Consulting

mystery guestMystery Guests

A hostel expert will experience your property from the customer’s perspective. Afterwards, we will present our findings on ways to improve your hostel from the guest’s point of view.


Business Analysismagnifying glass

We can thoroughly review your hostel’s business practices. Choose a full review or a division such as operations, marketing,      accounting, technology, human resources, or finance.

clipboardImprovement Roadmap

After identifying problem areas, we can lay out a strategy to improve your hostel’s areas of opportunities. Our consultants    can also assist with executing the strategy.



 Areas of Opportunity





◦ Web Design ◦ Social Media ◦ Search Engine Optimization ◦ Photography ◦ Boost Direct Bookings ◦ Improve customer reviews ◦




◦ Property Management Systems (PMS) ◦ Channel Management ◦ Rate Strategy ◦ Revenue Management & Budgeting ◦ Policies & Procedures




Event Planning

◦ Hostel Activities ◦ Creating Social Spaces ◦ Local Tour Partnerships ◦ Event Promotion




Human Resources

◦ Recruiting, Interviewing, & Hiring ◦ Volunteer for Stay Program ◦ Staff Team Building ◦ Hospitality Training ◦