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Why messages are the secret to higher hostel ratings and sales

It’s a story we’ve all heard or experienced ourselves: A guest at the hostel has an easily fixable problem, but instead of letting the staff know, they keep it to themselves, feeling unhappy, waiting until they’re checking out, or even worse, until they write their review. Naturally this is a frustrating experience for all hostel operators. We can’t help you if we don’t know you need help! However, it’s interesting to see where different hostels place the blame.

Some people say its the lazy millennials’ fault for being too addicted to their phones to walk down to reception and let them know there’s a problem. Others, like Podstel, are adapting to the change by using messaging to interact with their guests. Messaging is the future of communication for customer service. Your hostel can use messaging not only to keep guests happy, but also to make more money. Today we'll cover why messaging is great for hostels, give you some ideas on how to use messages, and then provide a few tech recommendations for making your messages easy and effective.

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How to increase your hostel’s revenue without wasting time on spreadsheets

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Let’s talk about one of your least favorite topics: revenue management. Wait! You're about to stop reading because either:

  • A) You assume this article is going to confuse you. 
  • B) You assume this article is going to bore you

But, after we review the basics of what revenue management means, we’re going to discuss a killer tool offered by Cloudbeds® that:

  • A) makes revenue management easy and 
  • B) enables you to put it on auto-pilot.

Every hostel could benefit from either managing their revenue more effectively or saving time implementing their revenue management strategy, so whether you’re an excel linear programming and regression analysis wizard (few people) or a total revenue management novice (most people) this article will have something for you.

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