Airbnb Revisits Third Party Affiliate Strategy

Airbnb News

Back in 2015, Airbnb cut back on the number of third party companies it chose to affiliate with and offer their products on. Now, it looks like Airbnb is willing to increase their partnerships and offer their properties on third party sites, only if they meet certain criteria. Read Airbnb Reverses Strategy in Return to Affiliate Partnerships With Big Players on Skift.

Snapchat’s New Context Cards Offer Potential Business


Snapchat recently released a feature called “Context Cards”, which allow users to swipe up on a snap to reveal more information about the location it was taken. From here, users can see maps, make a booking, or contact local businesses, all within a few taps. This feature could allow businesses to connect more with potential customers, and assist existing customers in spreading the word. As of now, Snap doesn’t allow businesses to pay for messages or content, but the future may include commissions for bookings and fees for ad placement. Read Snap’s New Feature for Hotels and Destinations Shows the Promise of Visual Search on Skift.

Revenue Maximizing Tips


  • Use the technology and data resources provided by the OTAs. You’re probably using their site anyway, and the can provide decent daily rate advice.
  • Diversify your distribution channels, try new booking platforms that are popular in specific markets and countries.
  • Increase your own direct bookings by making your site mobile optimized, since 30% of bookings are completed using a mobile device. Also, encourage more guest reviews by sending feedback forms and respond to all reviews.

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Increase Your Direct Bookings


It’s a million dollar question facing almost every hostel–how do you increase direct bookings? This article has some ideas on how to drive direct bookings by sprucing up your website, keeping up with customer engagement on social media, and encouraging guest reviews for increasing word of mouth. Read the full article here.

Hostelworld Adds Features to Build Community

hostelbookers-logo-design-lucky-generals-2In 2016, Hostelworld partnered with to provide users with local recommendations and a noticeboard function. They also added Speak the World, which is a translation service. Hostelworld is hoping these features will build the traveler community and differentiate their brand, since other OTAs don’t offer these backpacker-targeted services. Next, they’re hoping to add features that allow users to connect with each other before their trip. Read the full article here.