Hiring Trends of the Future

Hospitality Hiring Recruitment Tips

HNN published an article that summarizes some of the trends in hospitality recruitment. In their article, Aim higher when hiring: Tips for improving recruitment, they highlight these takeaways:

  • Hotels can now use online platforms to hire short term contract worker in the case of a busy weekend
  • Hiring is now done by communicating over Skype, messaging, other services
  • Hotels are identifying work tasks that can be done by technology instead of hiring staff
  • The author anticipates a shortage of available qualified labor in hospitality, despite the industry’s growth
  • Hiring millennials involves focusing on selling the benefits to them

Model, Mentor, and Measure


In order to have good staff, it’s important for management to model the behaviors they want their staff to engage in. For example, getting to know your staff on a personal level will encourage them to care about their guests’ lives. Be involved on all levels and “manage by wandering around” to have a pulse on how your employees are doing and how satisfied your guests are. Be sure to recognize and reward excellent staff behaviors. Read Model mentor and measure – How to inspire employees on Hotel News Now.