Happy Staff, Happy Guest

happy staff

Your staff are the front line of interaction with customers, so it’s no surprise that customers have a better experience when your staff are happy. This article dives into a few studies and experiments that reinforce this idea. According to the article, “creating an emotional connection appears to be key to build customers’ loyalty, and employees play the most powerful role in building this emotional connection.” This links to the idea of “emotional contagion”,  in which a guest will mirror the emotion that the staff displays. Happy customers help with positive word-of-mouth, which leads to more bookings. Read A happy employee will make a happy customer on eHotelier.

Snapchat’s New Context Cards Offer Potential Business


Snapchat recently released a feature called “Context Cards”, which allow users to swipe up on a snap to reveal more information about the location it was taken. From here, users can see maps, make a booking, or contact local businesses, all within a few taps. This feature could allow businesses to connect more with potential customers, and assist existing customers in spreading the word. As of now, Snap doesn’t allow businesses to pay for messages or content, but the future may include commissions for bookings and fees for ad placement. Read Snap’s New Feature for Hotels and Destinations Shows the Promise of Visual Search on Skift.

How to Make the Most of Tourism Australia’s Youth Campaign

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Tourism Australia has taken a huge focus on the youth segment of travelers. Their latest campaign “There’s Nothing Like Australia” has been marketed to potential young travelers across many countries. Read through the following information to see how your Australian business can be involved and make the most of their campaign.

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Model, Mentor, and Measure


In order to have good staff, it’s important for management to model the behaviors they want their staff to engage in. For example, getting to know your staff on a personal level will encourage them to care about their guests’ lives. Be involved on all levels and “manage by wandering around” to have a pulse on how your employees are doing and how satisfied your guests are. Be sure to recognize and reward excellent staff behaviors. Read Model mentor and measure – How to inspire employees on Hotel News Now.

Keep Guests on Your Site


This article dives into ways that hotels (and hostels) can keep guests on their website, once they arrive. This includes giving them the lowest prices, recent and relevant content, and the ability to engage with the property. Don’t give them a reason to go anywhere else other than your website. Read For hotels, there’s a new billboard effect on Medium.

“Take the traffic from OTAs and social media, and do not send them back. Understand why visitors might leave, and give them every motivation to stay.”

Mobile Bookings


According to Skift’s Google Survey results, there is an increase in American hotel guests choosing to book, or research their accommodation on their smartphone instead of on a computer. This trend was even stronger for the Gen X demographic, which should come at no surprise. Since hostels cater to a young audience, it’s important for hostels to ensure their website is mobile optimized for ease of use and higher sales conversions. Read Travel habits of Americans gen-xers lead hotel mobile bookings among US travelers on Skift.

iPhone Impact on Travel


For better or for worse, the iPhone has changed how people travel and experience the world around them. This article explores a few of the most drastic changes, including location-aware recommendations, stronger relationships with back home, enhanced photography and the negative impact on our attention spans.  Read How the iPhone changed the way we travel for better or worse on Skift.