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5 simple steps towards a better online reputation

In 2007, we took over a horribly run-down property and began the slow process of converting it into 11th Avenue Hostel. During those 12 years, we experienced the repercussions of cruel reviews, low-quality photos, and unhappy guests due to misleading information or the lack of understanding of what a hostel is.

Thankfully, the result of these mishaps allowed us to become knowledgeable about improving and maintaining our online reputation, rolling with the punches, and making sure our business shone online.

Below, we’ll share some tried and true techniques to help hostels maintain their online reputation in an increasingly competitive digital world.

BackpackerBiz Takeaway:

This post is a guest post from Sydney Ilg from the 11th Avenue Hostel. She delivered an excellent presentation at the American Hostel Conference and was kind enough to share her insights with BackpackerBiz readers as well.

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podstel team

Steal these hospitality techniques to improve your reviews

What is the difference between service and hospitality? It’s a simple question, but it has powerful implications for your guests depending on how your hostel answers it. I had the privilege of attending the most recent HostelSkills conference in Lisbon, Portugal. The presentations were wide-ranging, covering quantitative topics like revenue management and qualitative topics like staff motivation. One of the favorite presentations among the hostel owners and managers in attendance was from Podstel, delivered by co-owner Ambrose Baptista.

Ambrose explained their five pillars of hospitality. Podstel’s five metaphorical pillars are a valuable mindset for every hostel operator. The ideas and the actions they embody are what separates an average, unremarkable, forgettable hostel from an exceptional, memorable hostel that guests rave about to their friends and fellow travelers. Today we’ll learn about Ambroses’ five pillars, how Podstel embodies them, and how your hostel can too. If you incorporate these ideas into everything you do, if you build these pillars into the foundation of your guest experience, your guests are sure to leave your hostel feeling delighted.

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