Hiring Trends of the Future

Hospitality Hiring Recruitment Tips

HNN published an article that summarizes some of the trends in hospitality recruitment. In their article, Aim higher when hiring: Tips for improving recruitment, they highlight these takeaways:

  • Hotels can now use online platforms to hire short term contract worker in the case of a busy weekend
  • Hiring is now done by communicating over Skype, messaging, other services
  • Hotels are identifying work tasks that can be done by technology instead of hiring staff
  • The author anticipates a shortage of available qualified labor in hospitality, despite the industry’s growth
  • Hiring millennials involves focusing on selling the benefits to them

Modern Experiential Traveler

Tourism Activity

Modern travelers value “experiential travel”, yet defining this type of travel is sometimes difficult, as traveler preferences and the tourism marketplace are ever changing. This article is a precursor to the Skift 2018 Experiential Traveler Survey, which is set to be published soon. One of the data points revealed is that 69% of respondents prioritize spending more money on activities over spending on a nicer hotel room. This behavior works well with the hostel industry since guests often stick to a budget for their accommodation in order to spend more on tours and activities. Read Skift Research Survey Preview: Travelers Value Activities More Than a Luxe Room.

Airbnb Hotels of the Future?

Airbnb announced plans for a hotel-like concept in Florida, in which residents can offer their units on Airbnb for up to 180 days out of the year. The lobby of the building will have front desk staff to check in guests, keyless door entry, and linens and cleaning services. The common areas are shared between guests and residents. Read Airbnb experiments with hotel-like concept outside Orlando on Skift.

Trump Proposes Cuts to J-1 Visa


Some members of the travel industry are worried about the potential cuts and new requirements to the J-1 visa program that President Trump has proposed. This program was started in the 1960’s and brings thousands of foreign workers to the United States for employment and cultural exchange, with common jobs including au pairs and summer camp counselors. Many travel businesses rely on foreigners on the visa, both as employees and as customers, especially ski resorts.  Read Potential visa program cuts have travel industry alarmed on Skift.

American Road Trips Increasing


While some traverse the nation in National Lampoon style and others in #vanlife fashion, there has been an increase in domestic travel in the United States via the road. The primary motivators for choosing road trips over flying or cruising were convenience and flexibility, but lower costs also played a part. Vacationers cited the excitement and surprise of going on a road trip as appealing, compared to the predictable vacations a lot of Americans tend to take. I couldn’t agree more after taking a road trip across the country myself this summer! You are in control of where you go (for the most part) and the detours along the way are part of what make the journey so enjoyable. The article breaks down the types of people traveling the road by age and motivation. Although not all the demographics are hostel guests, it’s encouraging to see people choosing this type of travel. Read the full article here.