B4B: Use your creative talents and travel for free

This is for people who:

  1. Are currently traveling in the US or will be traveling in the next few months
  2. Like to stay in hostels
  3. Have creative skills such as writing, photography, or videography.

Trade your skills for a free hostel stay

We're looking for travelers to write blog posts, take photos, or make videos while you're traveling. In exchange, we'll give you a free stay in a hostel. 

Right now we need creators in



Colorado Springs

garden of the gods


You'll be staying in quality hostels

ember hostel
colorado adventure hostel
drifter jacks

Interested? Let's hear from you

"Wait a second! How do I know this is real?"

Trading skills for accommodation is common all around the world. You can use websites like Worldpackers, HelpX, or Workaway to find opportunities. The difference here is that you're not trading with the hostel. You're trading with BackpackerBiz. Don't worry, if we decide to work together we'll explain more and answer all your questions. Right now just show us you're interested in and let us see what you can do!